If you wonder why today’s strip isn’t in Swedish as usual, please read on.

The strip was guest written by David Morgan-Mar, author of Irregular Webcomic and co-author of Darths & Droids. As I told in one of my first blog posts on the new site, Morgan-Mar is one of my many paragons of webcomic making and his Irregular Webcomic was the second ever webcomic I read.

If you haven’t already familiarised yourself with his work, I highly recommend that you check out both Irregular Webcomic and Darths & Droids.If you are a reader more fluent in the English language and find to your dismay that the rest of this site seems to be in some kind of eldritch Scandinavian tongue, I have started to put up some translations on my Deviant Art account just for you.

A huge thanks to all my readers who have helped me survive to the hundredth strip, and a special thanks to Morgan-Mar who took the time to make this strip, to make the celebration extra special for me too. I truly appreciated it.

/Jonas Larsson