Webcomic 100

If you wonder why today’s strip isn’t in Swedish as usual, please read on.

The strip was guest written by David Morgan-Mar, author of Irregular Webcomic and co-author of Darths & Droids. As I told in one of my first blog posts on the new site, Morgan-Mar is one of my many paragons of webcomic making and his Irregular Webcomic was the second ever webcomic I read.

If you haven’t already familiarised yourself with his work, I highly recommend that you check out both Irregular Webcomic and Darths & Droids.If you are a reader more fluent in the English language and find to your dismay that the rest of this site seems to be in some kind of eldritch Scandinavian tongue, I have started to put up some translations on my Deviant Art account just for you.

A huge thanks to all my readers who have helped me survive to the hundredth strip, and a special thanks to Morgan-Mar who took the time to make this strip, to make the celebration extra special for me too. I truly appreciated it.

/Jonas Larsson


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  1. Funny. It wasn’t until the second frame that I realized that this strips was in English. 🙂

    And to say something about the strip itself: it tells of one of the reasons why I don’t play traditional roleplaying games any more. I don’t want to read. I don’t want to write. I want to visit friends and play, not prepare.

  2. I hear that you are not a author, and I dont blame you. It is hard work and time consuming, and when you cant get anything writhen you feel all depleted. But… When you see those fully rounde eyes of your players that just cant get eunogh of your story. Then, to me, it all fells god.

    Riddle me this though. Why is Simon still bandaid around his head when he is no longer is the hospital and it whas his hand he broke?

    1. As the nurse said in strip 92, they didn’t have a cure for ugliness. 😉

  3. Profilbild för Gillsing

    Hard work is why I hardly ever get anything accomplished. I’m just too lazy. Actually, I blame the internet. Before the internet I was willing to put some work in to get some gaming done, but now I have more fun surfing the web than I have playing games. Because unlike a lot of other people, I don’t primarily enjoy the social aspect of role-playing, but the escape from reality it offers. And the internet offers a lot more of that.

    And in case it matters, in the second panel I think that ”to much” should be ”too much”.

    1. Thanks for catching the error. I will fix it right away. 🙂

  4. Profilbild för Lady Medusa
    Lady Medusa

    Poor Jonas, it must be very hard to realise that you are the only person that knows how much work it is to be the D.M

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